Our team has many years of experience working with leading medical companies and healthcare providers including Bayer and Boston Scientific. VR & AR offers enormous potential in the medical field in three key areas:

  1. Training – helping health professionals to learn and develop new skills and to navigate difficult procedural challenges. Developing ‘real life’ training simulations with haptic feedback, helping visualisation and providing a safe space for early stage procedural testing.
  2. Education – clinician, patient, community. Helping medical professionals to understand how conditions develop and manifest as well as providing a first-person experience of how a condition feels. Helping patients to understand and feel comfortable about their care paths. Community; bringing real empathy to those closest to patients and providing preemptive understanding and education.
  3. Treatment – already some groundbreaking work has shown how VR can help burn victims feel less pain. Helping procedures through augmentation of information, scans, diagnostics and rehabilitation. For example, helping patients with Parkinson’s Disease work on their motor skills.

Surgical training simulation

Interactive learning systems


The power to excite and educate audiences by bringing a subject matter to life in a new and compelling way through VR.

We combine educational specialists with programmers, storytellers and technologists to build a unique team to maximise the opportunities VR brings to learning and provide scalable, cost effective solutions for educational institutions.   Whether you are looking for a classroom level set of tools, utilising lower cost hardware such as Google Cardboard or a ‘Bring your own device’ approach to introduce VR experiences into the curriculum or seeking to create a specialist virtual reality lab with the latest HDMs from Oculus or Vive, we can help you to understand the opportunity, plan your approach and navigate the implementation and ongoing management.


With over twenty years experience in building compelling communications campaigns, we can help you to understand and plan a role for VR & AR within your customer engagement and retention strategy. These exciting technologies are a chance to deepen the involvement your audiences have with your brand and to bring your proposition to life in entirely new ways. From entertainment to educational to operational, virtual experiences can enhance and build your relationship with people that matter to you. While VR continues to build its critical mass the short-term, scale opportunity for you might be 360˚ video experiences. Start to immerse your audiences in your stories and achieve scale through integration with platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

Whether you need to create live event activations using VR, retail visualisations and experiences or new content to extend your brand and ATL stories deeper into social media, we can help you traverse from video content to immersive storytelling.

How VR will affect advertising

VR/AR gaming platform

Gaming & Gamification

We have an extensive resource of experienced gaming professionals and developers who can help businesses to take advantage of the immersive gaming opportunity VR, AR & MR delivers. This might be in the area of creating a VR game that is designed to engage a new audience or to develop a gamified experience connected to the brand’s proposition or service offering. A key first step however might be to explore the potential of product/brand placement into VR games in development.


VR opens up enormous potential for entertainment properties, artists and promoters and may well create a whole new genre of film making in time. For the first time, the viewer can take control of the narrative, true democritisation of film content, choosing how and where the narrative is explored.

Live streaming 360˚ means that now the opportunity to sell the ‘best seat in the house’ to many thousands of users simultaneously is a real one, played out through multiple interfaces from full VR HMDs to smart devices and desktop.

We are able to support this opportunity with a range of capabilities, so whether you are looking to create a new second screen experience that drives new engagement and revenue or explore film narrative, our teams are able to provide you with the support you need.

Take That 360˚ film

Multiuser VR experiences

Visitor attractions

Our teams have a wealth of experience in the visitor attraction space having created some of the most compelling, immersive experiences for museums and theme parks. With the advent of Virtual Reality head mounted displays, the move into VR visitor attractions was a natural one and already in 2016 the team are deploying a number of groundbreaking, multi-user, multi-sensory visitor experiences for over 100 simultaneous users that combines rollercoasters and HMDs into a truly epic experience.


Harnessing AR and VR for retail means finding ways to use the technology to enhance and continue the shopping experience. As a retailer you need to know what the initiative is going to do for your short or long-term performance. We are able to help you understand how the shopper journey can be connected and enhanced through the integration of VR, AR, near-field and proximity devices in store.

Imagine the shopping experience within a mobile & web store coming to life in a customer’s device with the addition of VR, AR and 360˚ video to enhance trial, to visualise at-home use or to explore range variances. Combining these experiences with mobile ensures that whether a customer starts their shopping experience in store and continues online or vice-versa, you can maintain a single customer view.

Areas where we can support your thinking include AR smart mirrors, VR in store experiences and showcases, enhancement of web store with VR, mobile integration to create single customer experiences across on/offline retail.

Infinite retail space