FundamentalVR combines three specialist areas: consulting, studio and IP lab that together deliver a unique capability. We specialise in helping medical businesses and institutions to unlock their potential and to bring this to life via immersive virtual experiences. We have been helping brands, broadcasters, educators and visitor attractions bring their message to life with the latest technology for over 15 years.


Our consulting division brings together individuals with an impressive track record in virtual reality, communications and business strategy who can work with you or augment your team to help you build a long-term plan for how, when and why virtual and mixed reality can benefit your organisation. We can help you understand the opportunities, which technology to align with and how to build institutional competence within the organisation. We offer a range of services from one-day immersions into VR/MR through to long-term engagements helping to shape your virtual experience strategy.


The studio is the engine room of the business, conceiving and executing cutting edge virtual and mixed reality experiences. We have extensive experience across all platforms from 360° video through to full immersion within Rift, Vive, HoloLens, GearVR, Daydream and Cardboard. Our teams are expert in all forms of 360° video (recorded and live), motion capture, CG, cross-platform programming and 3D design.

IP Lab

The boffins in our IP lab are continually pushing the envelope, looking at how the human/technology interface can be improved. We use our lab to accelerate tech innovation across the company and create building block platforms that we can quickly integrate into client solutions.

Our next exciting output from the IP Lab will be our ‘flight simulators for surgery’ platform.