The Immersive Perspective Awards celebrates the best of VR, AR, and MR in the industry.

LONDON – 5th December  2018

FundamentalVR and it’s surgical simulation platform is pleased to announce they have been nominated for the Immersive Healthcare of the Year award

ABOUT THE AWARD – Immersive Healthcare of the Year

VR in healthcare is revolutionising the sector. This award celebrates those using VR, AR or MR to improve the health of others, whether through cognitive therapy or training professionals. Read more about the award here.


FundamentalVR is a technology company specialising in immersive experiences to enhance medical training. It’s SaaS platform, Fundamental Surgery features VR Haptics technology that takes advantage of readily available virtual reality hardware to create a simulation system that can be used on any modern VR-enabled PC set up – even a laptop. Fundamental Surgery gives healthcare professionals around the world access to authentic surgical simulations at low cost. FundamentalVR is based out of London and Boston.

FundamentalVR PR Contact:

Ian Twinn / Tandem Marketing Communications | (917) 306-7270