Global Education & Skills Forum

FundamentalVR was pleased to be invited to participate in the Global Education & Skills Forum during March 2018. Exploring the latest trends in education, how technology will positively impact them and providing hands on experience with our VR simulation system, Fundamental Surgery.


Young students exploring FundamentalSurgery. 












George Osborne and Lord Gadhia meet the founders of FundamentalVR.








Richard Vincent, co-founder of FundamentalVR discussing the future of health education at GESF. 

Barriers to Surgical Simulation

What are the barriers, or indeed perceived barriers to mass adoption of Surgical Simulation?

Simulation and associated accreditation is a practice that could revolutionise patient outcomes and safety in the OR in the same way it has in the Airline industry. Fundamental VR recognise that, and are pioneering the development of technologies and products at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

But as well as producing world leading tech, we are led by a guiding team of medical experts who form Fundamental’s clinical advisory board, directing and shaping our simulations and approach, and ensuring our products set the global standard.

A key part of our advisory board is Dr Philip Pucher, an expert in surgical simulation and education at Imperial College London, a world leader in medical education research. We asked Dr Phil what he thought the barriers to surgical simulation adoption were, and how as an industry we could overcome them.

FundamentalVR meet the US ambassador.

We were pleased to be invited by the great team at the new US Embassy London  to discuss FundamentalVR’s expansion into the US this week and meet with Ambassador Johnson (Woody). We look forward to the return visit to Washington as part of the SelectUSA programme in June.