As well as developing our Fundamental Surgery simulation platform we are proud to work with many of the industry’s most progressive companies and brands to deliver customised simulations and experiences within virtual and mixed reality environments.

Virtual Reality Medical Training

From our core technology platform we are able to provide customised medical training experiences employing the very latest virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch deliver through a cutting edge proprietary haptics intelligence system.

Working in disciplines as varied as MIS/Laparoscopic, Ophthalmology, ENT and Neurosurgery and in training ranging from technical capability development and rehearsal through to clinical shared decisioning our simulations can provide a way to accelerate education, understanding and advocacy.

Mixed Reality Simulation

Using the very latest mixed reality hardware and software techniques FundamentalVR is able to provide unique shared mixed reality simulation and training experiences.

As a global Microsoft HoloLens development partner we have been able to push the envelope of multi-user, multi-location mixed reality techniques.