Our Work

We are proud to work and partner with many of the world’s leading businesses.

At FundamentalVR we provide clinical teaching excellence through cutting edge virtual reality and haptic training experiences led by our expert medical panel. Comprised of leading surgeons in the field and academic institutions, our medical panel helps to inform and direct our platform and simulation development.

Fundamental Surgery is our flagship SaaS service delivering a ‘flight simulator for surgery’.

Fundamental Surgery combines a cutting edge VR experience with haptic feedback (the sense of touch) to create a near real operating experiences. This creates a safe, measurable and repeatable involvement with medical procedures.

The whole experience is delivered onto low cost hardware meaning that simulation can be within close proximity to the clinical environment.

Haptic Surgical Training

Working with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to help accelerate knowledge transfer for surgeons through an integrated virtual reality and haptic tool. The tool leveraged our VR platform with haptic feedback to bring a unique level of immersive interactivity; the user being able to feel the different tissue types at each stage of the procedure in this truly ground breaking experience.

See haptic training in action. 

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HoloLens haptic device

FundamentalVR have been working with leading pharmaceutical companies to combine virtual and mixed reality with haptic feedback to create simulated surgical procedures to help educate and train healthcare professionals.

See MultiMR in action. 

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Boston Scientific

Working with Boston Scientific we have developed a full virtual reality selling tool that enables them to explain the business benefits of their ADVANTICS programme. The experience includes 360° video journeys to surgical locations, full CG environments and intuitive interaction and navigation using ‘gaze’ control. The entire experience has also then been ported into tablet and web form to increase its use to the business.


Working with Ascencia to bring a mixed reality experience to the launch of their latest diabetes innovation, Contour.