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Listen to co-founder Chris Scattergood interviewed recently on the BBC World Service.


MASHABLE – World’s first VR brain surgery






First Featured in Mashable 11/9/17:

Ever wanted to hang out in the operating theatre to see a brain surgery with your own eyes?

Then this immersive video is for you. The neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital have published the first 360 VR film showing a patient undergoing surgery to treat life-threatening brain aneurysms.

With a combination of 360 HD cameras and head-mounted GoPros, viewers can experience the surgery both from the point of view of the patient and the surgeon.



At the beginning of the film you’re the patient, being wheeled into the operating theatre for the surgery. Then, you join the medical team from the eyes of the surgeon. A virtual screen in the operating theatre shows details of the invasive procedure. It’s also possible to look around the entire room.

Each stage of the procedure is narrated by a consultant neurosurgeon.

“For us, recording the entire procedure in VR enables us to start the process of recreating the surgery in a VR simulation, one where trainee surgeons can practice the key stages of the procedure in a safe virtual operating room, and actually feel in their hands the textures of all of the different tissue types using our FeelReal VR solution,” said Chris Scattergood co founder of Fundamental VR, which produced the video.

The video is available on YouTube, but best experienced through a VR headset.


WIRED: World’s first brain surgery in virtual reality.

FundamentalVR was pleased to work with the neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital to create a world’s first! An immersive experience showcasing the treatment of life-threatening brain aneurysms.   

Read the full WIRED article here. http://www.wired.co.uk/article/vr-brain-surgery-nhs-london-watch-video-360


FVR scoops 2x PM Society Awards!

Delighted to scoop best use of New Technology and best HCP Education training with our FeelRealVR simulations with HiveHealth for Pacira Pharmaceuticals at the PM Society Digital Awards in London last night.


FVR shortlisted by WeWork Creator Awards


We are excited to announce that Fundamental has been shortlisted for “The Scale” Wework Creator Awards. We are looking forward to the final judging and showcase event on September 14th. Join us, you can book tickets here.